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Training Needs Analysis

Discovering what training is required

In broad terms, a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a structured process that can identify the skills and knowledge required by an organisation.

An M.S Planet TNA focuses solely on the Microsoft skills within an organisation and is usually conducted at either department or team level. A team level TNA can be an excellent starting point for newly formed project teams.

Fundamental to a TNA is that on the specific operations or tasks, strategic objectives and culture that exists for the group being analysed.

A M.S Planet TNA will review and evaluate the existing roles and Microsoft skills within the group and map them against the skill level required for people to operate effectively within those roles. The TNA also considers the future plans and objectives of the organisation, department or team and the current rate of change.

The result will be a series of training plans for each individual to lift their skills with Microsoft products to the level required by the organisation to achieve their objectives.

Because of our extensive knowledge and understanding of Microsoft products and our training experience and capabilities, you can be assured that an M.S Planet TNA will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the training required within your organisation to improve the day-to-day performance and efficiency of your staff.

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