Microsoft Word



What do you need help with?

  • Understand paragraph formatting so I can control my documents
  • Apply formatting quickly and easily
  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Navigate and work with long documents efficiently
  • Setup different headers and footers
  • Use Bullets and Numbering to create lists
  • Organise my data into tables
  • Track Editing Changes

How we can help:

Seriously? Who needs Microsoft Word training?

I wish I had a dollar for everytime I hear people say this.

Yes - most of us use Microsoft Word on a regular basis.

Yes - most of us know how to apply formatting, maybe even create a table and insert a picture.

But how long does it take you to do this? Do you ever find Microsoft Word not behaving the way you would like?

I always find it's the essential functions that most people don't know, for example - the quick way to highlight text (yes - there is a long way!).

Microsoft Word has so many useful features, and yet, the average user only ever uses about 20% of its capabilities.

Want to know how much you are using?

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"M.S Planet Computer Training was relevant, practical, able to match the varying skills of the participants and have everyone come out with the 'WOW' factor and feeling like real improvements in the way we do things is achievable.

The staff all enjoyed the training. At no point did anyone feel that something was beyond them or beneath them. This is a significant achievement in a diverse group.

We would definitely choose M.S Planet for our future computer training."

Tanya Gilchrist


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To give you a start, we have listed below the various topics we can cover in Microsoft Word, however, we can create a customized course outline by mixing these up to reflect your specific needs.


Beginners Intermediate Advanced
Introducing Word Environment Applying Styles for automatic formatting Using Section Breaks
Effective Navigation and Selection Techniques Inserting a Table of Contents Setting up different Headers and Footers
Understand Paragraph alignment and indenting Using Headers and Footers Creating Templates
Using Bullets and Numbering Creating and formatting Tables Setting up online Forms
Apply formatting Inserting pictures into a document Using Fields, Bookmarks and Cross References
Changing margins and orientation Using AutoText for repetitive data Running a Mail Merge
Control your Printing and using Document Views Creating diagrams Using Track Changes
Using a spellcheck Inserting Hyperlinks Creating Macros




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Our training approach:

M.S Planet specialises in delivering customised Microsoft Word training solutions for our clients.

We are experts in delivering Word training to learners from beginner to advanced, coaching them to master the specific features important to them.

Our Microsoft Word training is often delivered in a one-to-one or roving training format, allowing the trainer to attend to the individual needs of each learner, building their skills in a targeted way.



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