Microsoft PowerPoint



What do you need help with?

  • Create my own presentation from scratch
  • Insert pictures and diagrams into my presentation
  • Know how (and when!) to use animation
  • Learn tips and tricks to help me present a professional show
  • Insert a video
  • Edit multiple slides at once
  • Learn useful techniques to link to other files (such as Excel) during my presentation
  • Create handouts for my presentation

How we can help:

We've all heard the saying - "Death by PowerPoint". I'm pretty sure most of you have sat through some pretty tedious presentations in your time.

I remember a few years ago I was asked to run a presentation which was scheduled to go for 45 minutes. 

"You won't have to do any work - the presentation has been done for you", they said. 

All 92 slides of it!


Our Microsoft PowerPoint training covers not just how to create a presentation, and learn about the features available. More importantly - it includes how to run a presentation! The essential do's and don't's (trust me - your audience will thank you for it).

Do you want to know what happened to the 92 slide presentation? It got a major makeover and ended up being 27 slides long.




- Flexible & relevant course outlines

- Learn what YOU need to know

- Learn at your own office

- Trainers with real world experience

- Email/Phone Support

"I will reiterate the comments I have previously made about Nicole, in that I like that her sessions have structure but she's very open to being flexible and dealing with people's questions as they come up.

She's a very clear communicator. I think she's great."

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To give you a start, we have listed below the various topics we can cover in Microsoft PowerPoint, however, we can create a customized course outline by mixing these up to reflect your specific needs.


Beginners Advanced
Introducing PowerPoint Environment Working with Slide Masters
Creating a Presentation from scratch Using Multi-Media
Inserting new slides Creating Hyperlinks
Working with slide layouts Embedding information from Excel etc
Using Bullets and Numbering Using Slide Transitions
Working with Themes Setting up Custom Animation
Inserting Pictures Printing Options
Working with different views Preparing for a Presentation
Inserting Tables and Diagrams Presentation Tips and Tricks
Simple presentation techniques  




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Our training approach:

M.S Planet specialises in delivering customised Microsoft PowerPoint training solutions for our clients.

We are experts in delivering PowerPoint training to learners from beginner to advanced, coaching them to master the specific features important to them.

Our Microsoft PowerPoint training is often delivered in a one-to-one or roving training format, allowing the trainer to attend to the individual needs of each learner, building their skills in a targeted way.



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