Microsoft Outlook



What do you need help with?

  • Taking control of your Inbox
  • Work more efficiently with emails
  • Manage your attachments
  • Create email templates
  • Have more control over your calendar
  • Learn how to schedule meetings with others
  • Synchronize with your Smart Phone

How we can help:

When I first started training Microsoft Outlook, I had to explain what an email was. 

Not so anymore!

Now it's more about managing the number of emails we receive on a daily basis. Not to mention our time!

Microsoft Outlook is probably one of the most used of the Microsoft programs and generally first to be opened at the start of the working day.

Our Microsoft Outlook training focuses on helping you manage your mail, your daily tasks, and your meetings and appointments with the functions that you will find useful.

And the great thing is - that's different for everyone!

Whatever works for you...

Plus, with each new version since Outlook 2010, Microsoft keeps adding some pretty useful stuff!

Ever find yourself sending the same email over and over? Microsoft has created a solution for that.

Having trouble getting your folders in the order you want? There is a new feature to help with that.

Sick of typing the same text? You guessed it!

And usually, half a day is all you need.



- Flexible & relevant course outlines

- Learn what YOU need to know

- Learn at your own office

- Trainers with real world experience

- Email/Phone Support

"I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot that will be useful in the future. Nicole was great at explaining things and very patient."

[Name withheld]

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To give you a start, we have listed below the various topics we can cover in Microsoft Outlook, however, we can create a customized course outline by mixing these up to reflect your specific needs.


Beginners Advanced
Introducing Outlook Environment Managing your Inbox effectively
Sending and Receiving Mail Using Mail Options when sending email
Attaching Files to an email Using Flags and assigning Categories
Using Folders to manage emails Create Rules to manage your incoming mail
Searching the Inbox Setup email templates (Quick Steps)
Creating Contacts Setup Contact Groups
Scheduling Appointments Working with Multiple Calendars
Working with Meetings Delegating Permissions




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Our training approach:

M.S Planet specialises in delivering customised Microsoft Outlook training solutions for our clients.

We are experts in delivering Outlook training to learners from beginner to advanced, coaching them to master the specific features important to them.

Our Microsoft Outlook training is often delivered in a one-to-one or roving training format, allowing the trainer to attend to the individual needs of each learner, building their skills in a targeted way.



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