Microsoft Excel



What do you need help with?

  • Understanding and working with formulas more efficiently
  • Learning how to setup and format tables
  • Using font formatting techniques to greatly enhance the look of a worksheet
  • Working effectively with multiple sheets
  • Creating summary tables to analyse my data
  • Creating a report with subtotals
  • Linking data between sheets and workbooks
  • Learning useful tips and shortcuts for working with Excel

How we can help:

Just about everyone I train wishes that they had discovered some of the useful tips and tricks in Microsoft Excel weeks, months, if not years before.

Over all the years I've been training, Microsoft Excel is by far the most popular topic requested.

Let's face it! There are so many different ways to use it.

So many people muddle through knowing that there must be a better and faster way to get things done, but 'don't have the time' to find out.

There are countless internet sites and books on how to use Microsoft Excel (Google it!), but most are written from a technical point of view, not in layman's terms.

You don't necessarily need to know everything about what Microsoft Excel can do - just the things that you need to know! But often you don't know what you don't know!

And don't worry if you're not sure what level you are at. Check out our list of topics below to see which topics you are interested in and we can customise a course to suit.

How clever are we!



- Flexible & relevant course outlines

- Learn what YOU need to know

- Learn at your own office

- Trainers with real world experience

- Email/Phone Support

"I attended the Excel training session yesterday, and was amazed at how much I learnt - this is in no small way due to the high calibre of the instructor who has done an absolutely fantastic job at each course I attended.

A more friendly, pleasant and professional person you could not wish to meet! To be able to convey so much wisdom in such a clear and understandable way is a credit to her."

Kevin Adams

Museum Victoria



To give you a start, we have listed below the various topics we can cover in Microsoft Excel, however, we can create a customized course outline by mixing these up to reflect your specific needs.


Beginners Intermediate Advanced
Introducing Excel Environment Essential Tips and Tricks Using Range Names
Effective Navigation Techniques Auditing Formulas Using complex Functions (eg. VLOOKUP and Nested Functions)
Techniques for selecting cells Learn how to work with Functions Adding Data Validation
Entering data Create linking formulas between sheets/workbooks Create Outlines (Groups)
Setup and format tables Learn about Relative and Absolute formulas Use Data Consolidation to create summary tables
Adjust page margins and orientation Inserting and formatting Charts Insert Subtotals
Managing multiple sheets Using Conditional Formatting More options for manipulating Pivot Tables
Control your Printing Sorting and Filtering Lists Using What If Analysis Tools
Introduction to Formulas (Math’s degree NOT required!) Working with Pivot Tables  Introduction to Macros




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Our training approach:

M.S Planet specialises in delivering customised Microsoft Excel training solutions for our clients. We are experts in delivering Excel training to learners from beginner to advanced, coaching them to master the specific features important to them. Our Microsoft Excel training is often delivered in a one-to-one or roving training format, allowing the trainer to attend to the individual needs of each learner, building their skills in a targeted way.



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