Microsoft Access



I need to:

  • Create my own database from scratch
  • Understand and work with tables and their properties
  • Add, edit and search for data in my tables
  • Import and export data from my tables
  • Create useful queries from my database
  • Setup forms and reports for others to use

How we can help:

Microsoft Access allows users to create tables, queries, forms and reports, and connect them together with macros. Microsoft Access is another program well suited to learning via basic and advanced training.

For users new to working with data, understanding basic database structure will be an invaluable starting point for training while those familiar with the basics of creating databases and entering data may find the need to be trained on creating queries and reports will take them to the next level.



- Flexible & relevant course outlines

- Learn what YOU need to know

- Learn at your own office

- Trainers with real world experience

- Email/Phone Support

"As the capability and functionality of applications is constantly evolving, it is essential that our staff are familiar and competent with the applications in order to optimise their own performance.

M.S Planet Computer Training brings about this knowledge transfer in an 'easy to understand' manner that our staff can very quickly see how this new knowledge can be used effectively in their normal day to day operations."

Graeme Beardwood

Business Manager - IT




To give you a start, we have listed below the various topics we can cover in Microsoft Access, however, we can create a customized course outline by mixing these up to reflect your specific needs.


Beginners Intermediate
Introducing Access Environment Setting Field Properties
Understanding Database Fundamentals Import data from other programs eg. Excel
Building a database from scratch Setting up Relationships
Creating Tables Use criteria with Queries
Using Primary Keys Calculated Queries
Data Entry Tips Action Queries
Using Sort and Filter Setup Subforms
Create Simple Queries  Create simple Macros
Create a Form and Report  




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Our training approach:

M.S Planet specialises in delivering customised Microsoft Access training solutions for our clients. We are experts in delivering Access training to learners from beginner to advanced, coaching them to master the specific features important to them. Our Microsoft Access training is often delivered in a one-to-one or roving training format, allowing the trainer to attend to the individual needs of each learner, building their skills in a targeted way.



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