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Microsoft Office Training

Are you getting the best out of Microsoft?

Given the impact it has on our working lives it seems amazing that Microsoft Office was first launched just over 20 years ago. Every day, in thousands of workplaces all over Australia, people are working with the programs available in Microsoft Office. The majority though, are only using a fraction of the features these programs offer.

Why does that happen? One answer is that many users simply do not know about all the features available to them. Another is that once they know enough to do their job, they don't see the need to know more.

Yet there is always something new to learn. Whether it is a short cut or tip in Microsoft Word that can speed up the process of merging documents, the trick to creating pivot tables in Microsoft Excel, embedding video into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, importing a data file into Microsoft Access or setting up tasks in Microsoft Project, learning something new can make us more efficient and our jobs more interesting and rewarding.

Training with M.S Planet Computer Training is all about learning what you need to know to do your job, it's about learning what you want to know to stay motivated, and it's about learning in a way that suits you so you get the most out of the training and the best out of yourself.

Whether you need the basics or more advanced tuition, M.S Planet Computer Training can take your skills to the next level.



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Are you getting the best out of Microsoft?

We do training for updating to new versions of these programs.