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iPhone and iPad Training

Back in 2007 when Apple first released their iPhone, they probably didn't foresee that it would become such a runaway success. Then it was the highly innovative user-friendliness that caught our attention, now it's the vast array of applications that capture our imagination.

However, while there's a lot of fun and games to be had with an iPhone, there's also no denying that it's a serious and powerful business tool.

Ensuring you get the most from your iPhone and iPad, regardless of whether you use it for business, pleasure or both, is the reason M.S Planet Computer Training has branched out to bring you this unique training session.

Starting with an overview of the phone and its features, this 90 minute session will provide you with information about:

  • Connections – 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi Networks – Selecting / Changing
  • Synchronising Mail, Calendar and Contacts
  • Working with email
  • iTunes – Installing and Synchronising
  • Introducing the iCloud
  • Siri - iPhone 4S
  • The Corporate iPhone/iPad

The session will also provide a range of tips on such topics as:

Battery Life Tips

Task Switcher - Viewing Recent Apps

Spotlight Searching

Rearranging icons

Creating Folders

Airplane Mode

Data Roaming

Using Help


Participants will be provided with a manual and time will be available for Questions & Answers.



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