Upgrading to Office 2007

Microsoft's Office has gone through several upgrades since its debut in 1990, most notably the 1995 release which was the first complete suite of applications for Windows, the 1997 release which became the fastest selling business application in history (an average of 60,000 licences a day!), and the 2000 version which introduced Web integration into the offering. But through all these upgrades the overall look of the program remained the same.

With the Microsoft Office 2007 release however, a new look and many new features were unveiled. The first response from new users is usually "Where has the Menu Bar gone?" In most instances this is quickly followed by another question "How do I open a file?"

The most noticeable change, by far, is to the user interface. Microsoft have made dozens of changes including combining of all the menus and toolbars from previous versions into one control centre called the Ribbon. They have also created the Office Button which provides access to all the file-related commands such as Save, Save As, Print, Send, Close, etc.

M.S Planet Computer Training has developed a 2 hour presentation to introduce new users to Microsoft Office 2007.  This very popular course will take participants through all of the new features and more.


Offering a thorough overview of Microsoft Office 2007 and using examples to demonstrate various functions, the presentation will explore these major changes:

  • The Office Button
  • The Ribbon
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • The Mini Toolbar


Other features will also be covered including:

  • The Status Bar
  • Access keys
  • The Live Preview feature
  • Creating and using Themes


If your organisation has recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 this short presentation is an effective way to provide your staff with practical skills which they can immediately use when they return to their work situation.



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